Service List

Service Contents

▶ Establishment support service
We support from the necessary advice for entering the Vietnam market to the specific establishment procedures by professional team with extensive experience.

Services Content

Establishment of a company

Advice for establishing a company
Support for obtaining license

Establishment of a Representative Office

Advice for establishing a representative office
Support for obtaining license

Change of license content

Advice for changing license content
Support for changing license content

▶ Accounting consulting service

We support your company from daily bookkeeping to specific services related to accounting by Vietnamese experts and Japanese certified public accountants.

Services Content


・Preparation of the monthly accounting documents
   Preparing the monthly accounting documents every month
・Preparation of the annual accounting documents
   Preparing the annual accounting documents at the end of fiscal year

Accounting support services

・Monthly accounting review
・Annual accounting review
・Monthly, annual accounting review and report on pointed matters

▶ Tax consulting service
 We provide various tax consulting service

We provide high quality services by native professionals who have extensive experience and expertise in Vietnam and Japanese experts.

Services Content

Retainer service

・Agreement to answer the question relating to tax issue etc. occurring on a daily through phone or e-mail

・Advice on the preparation of internal documents
・Review required documents to be submitted to tax authorities etc.
・Notice of information and source of regulations

Personal Income Tax(PIT) 


【First Time】

 ・Personal tax code registration

 ・Application for dependent deduction(if any)


【Qurterly, Yeraly】

 ・Preparation of quarterly declaration

 ・Preparation of tax return at the end of the fiscal year

 ・Preparation of tax return at the end of term of office

 ・Yearly support:

   Quarterly declaration × 4 times + annual tax return


Corporate Income Tax(CIT)

・Preparation of quarterly declaration
・Preparation of tax return at the end of the fiscal year
・Review quarterly declaration
・Review tax year-end declaration


Value Added Tax(VAT)

・Declaration of Value Added Tax (VAT)
・Refund of Value Added Tax (VAT)


Foreign Contractor Tax(FCT)

・Implement the declaration of the Foreign Contractor Tax (FCT)


Advice on various taxes

・Confirm existence / nonexistence of tax, tax rate
・Support for making contract
・Confirmation of tax risk by reviewing contract


Support for making letter to authorities

・Support for making of inquiries letters to each authorities about tax treatment


Tax audit support

・Support for responding tax audit

▶ Labor consulting service

We provide various labor consulting service.

We support foreigner working in Vietnam.

Services Content

VISA, work permit, temporary residence card

・Support for obtaining VISA
・Support for obtaining work permit
・Support for obtaining temporary residence card
・Support for obtaining Japan or other countiries' VISA for Vietnamese


・Payroll calculation for Vietnamese employees
・Payroll calculation for Japanese employees (Expatriate)


Social Insurance Procedures

・Support for social insurance proceedings of Vietnamese employees
・Support for social insurance proceedings of Japanese employees (expatriate)

4 Labor contract
Assignment letter

・Support for making labor contract
・Support for making assignment letter

▶Translation service

Team staff with expertise and experience will carries out translation. After translating into each language, native experts with extensive experience and appropriate expertise on Vietnam in accordance with service contents will review.

With Kurosawa Consulting Viet Nam motto “Accurately, Instantaneously, Carefully”, We commit to provide high quality service.

We carry out high quality translation and composition, so that we ensure satisfying level of translation.

Services Content

Translation consultation service(Retainer contract)

・Explain the main points through e-mail in each language about the contents of the document described in Japanese, English and Vietnamese
・Documents to be confirmed
   Contact and decision from the authorities
   Laws and regulations
   Internal and external report, other reports

Translation service

・Japanese, Vietnamese, English translation support
・Specialized document translation, general document translation, translation for notarization
・Documents to be confirmed
   Contact and decision from the authorities
   Laws and regulations
   Internal and external report, other reports

▶ Secretarial service

Document creation support service for submitting to the Japanese Headquarters or used by Board of Directors (BOD)

Services Content

Making various documents

・Making decision and approval letter
・Making Minutes of Meeting of BOD
・Making contract drafting
・Making other documents and notice

Making submission documents to the authorities

・Making various monthly, quarterly, annual report
・Recruitment, employment report
・Report on employment situation of foreigners
・Activity report of the representative office

Document storage

・Various documents of the company

・Minutes of Meeting of BOD

▶ Realestate consulting service

We provide an information and a specific investment advice to those who are considering investing in the real estate market in Vietnam.

Services Content

Real estate broker

・Advice on real estate investment (purchase / transfer)
・Inspection tour of Vietnam real estate market
・Provide information on Vietnam real estate market and property
・Support for procedures related to real estate buying and selling, leasing

Tax declaration

・Tax declaration on real estate transaction

▶ M & A consulting service

We support you to look for suitable business partner when entering into the Vietnamese market.

Services Content

Business partner introduction

・Introduction of local business partners
・Meeting on negotiations
・Review on the Joint Venture Agreement