Starting with Certified Public Accountants from Vietnam and Japan who were familiar with Vietnamese practice,

our expert will support your business in Vietnam.

Kurosawa Consulting Vietnam’s characteristics:

1. Abundant achievements of Japanese headquarter
Kurosawa Group was established in 1972, providing various of services such as judicial assistance, certified public accounting, tax accounting, land and house investigation, research, administrative assistance, labor and social insurance assistance, registered management consultant and other related services with the motto “accurate”, “quick”, careful”. In Japan, we have gained abundant achievements from large-scale projects such as trading debts across the country to detailed response to each person’s request.
2. Correspondent with Japanese
We have experienced Japanese managers and advisors that can correspond with Japanese at business level.
3. Extensive experience
Since our company is operated by an experience person from a large consulting firm in Vietnam and Japan, we are offering services backed up by experience from large to small companies in both countries.